Slave, Slave, Freedom

Slave, Slave, Freedom
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Slave, Slave, Freedom: A Personal Sojourn Through the Nightmare of Child Sexual Abuse and Recovery
by Charles Mark

In Slave, Slave, Freedom, Charles Mark recalls a childhood of sexual abuse at the hands of his father, and he explores how this travesty shaped his life.

Now in his fifties, Mark has only recently started to come to terms with his past. He wrote Slave, Slave, Freedom to try to work through his experiences, with the hope it might also help others struggling with similar trauma.

Sexually and physically assaulted by his father for years, Mark grew up in a state of terror, unaided by his mother, who kept the familyís horrific secret. He lived a life of isolation and confusion, complicating his relationships with his siblings and everyone else in his life, and causing him to grow into a man weighed down by a dark past.

Finally receiving the help he so desperately needed, Mark is today defining life on his own terms, the product not of an abusive childhood but of his own strength and faith.

About the Author

Charles Mark, a native of Vancouver, Washington, has lived in New York City for 28 years, with a short stint spent in Los Angeles, CA. After earning his bachelorís degree in theater, he worked in the entertainment industry for nearly three decades, holding a variety of jobs, from production to finance.

He retired in 2006 to focus on his writing. He enjoys skiing, backpacking, mountain climbing, fishing, and landscape painting.

(2010, paperback, 216 pages)


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