Shortcuts on Wine Revised: Everything the Wine Lover Needs to Know

Shortcuts on Wine Revised: Everything the Wine Lover Needs to Know
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Shortcuts on Wine Revised: Everything the Wine Lover Needs to Know by Ed Masciana

The subject of wine, as fascinating and entertaining as it is, can, for many people, be intimidating. Having spent over a half century in this business I can confide that I am still learning every day about this vast and enthralling subject.

[Shortcuts on Wine] clearly addresses many of the basic, and not so basic, fundamentals of learning about and enjoying wine. [It] explains and demystifies most of the terminology and misconceptions that we desperately try to convey to the consumer in clear and concise terms. As a company, as a family and as a dedicated winemaker, myself and my family have taken it upon ourselves to stress the importance of educating and enlightening the wine enthusiast, and even more importantly, the potential wine enthusiast, about the joys, history and importance of wine in our daily lives.

I applaud Ed's book as a necessary step in accomplishing this important goal.

—Robert Mondavi

Is there a difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir? Why is sparkling wine made in Washington state not called Champagne? How can German Riesling taste so different than that made in New York state? How do wines created in newer regions such as New Zealand and South Africa compare to those from the old vines of Italy or France? Should I be concerned about choosing a "varietal"? And why are some wines so expensive?

During his twenty-plus years of teaching basic wine courses throughout California, winemaker and educator Edmond Masciana heard these types of questions all the time. Students asked time and again if there was a book available that outlined the basics of wine as he had done in his classes. For years the answer was no, until Masciana took it upon himself to write the master book on wine basics: Shortcuts on Wine Revised: Everything the Wine Lover Needs to Know.

This comprehensive book tackles topics never before brought together in one volume. Readers learn the history of wine and its usage, the major types of wine and regions, the importance of terroir, vintages, and the labeling of wine, and how to taste and evaluate wine. Masciana also shares his knowledge of the industry, revealing the business behind the bottles and the economics of the industry. Also included is a concise listing of every major wine-producing country and the major wine-producing areas within them, showing grape varieties, number of producers, acreage, history, and production.

Shortcuts on Wine Revised is a book no one interested in the complexities and pure enjoyment of the fruit of the vine should be without.


Edmond Masciana has been a student of wine for over thirty years. A winemaker himself, he has written hundreds of articles on food and wine and has taught cooking and wine classes for over twenty years, including ten years at UCLA. His approach to wine is different from that of his contemporaries. Ed likes to talk to those whom he calls "real wine consumers": those who just enjoy wine for its own sake, not give it extraordinary status.

Ed lives by his credo, "It's not what you know, it's what you impart." Too many people in the wine trade, Ed believes, like to boast about their wine knowledge. Ed's philosophy is to share his vast insight with those who are interested in the subject, in such a way as to keep the listener at ease and interested but never intimidated.

(2007, paperback, 122 pages)

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