The Shot Heard 'Round the World: The Novel

The Shot Heard 'Round the World: The Novel
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The Shot Heard 'Round the World: The Novel by Daniel Wyatt

The 1951 New York Giants didn’t stand a chance. Their losing streak was making even the most devoted fan think twice, and there seemed no hope for them to turn it around. While the adversary Brooklyn Dodgers may have been “da bums,” the Giants were feeling less sure of their own worth every day.

But then something happened. Was it the introduction of young Willie Mays? Did the improvement of the pitching staff bring the needed change? Were the players so angry at their losses that they decided to get tough and fight their way back to the top? Or was there another factor at play—something that may be one of the best-kept secrets in baseball history?

Daniel Wyatt explores the question behind the comeback of the 1951 New York Giants in his latest book, The Shot Heard Round the World: The Novel.his dramatic behind-the-scenes depiction tells the story of the famous 1951 Bobby Thomson homerun that won the National League pennant for the New York Giants in their miracle season, which saw them win thirty-seven of their final forty-four games and snatch victory from the cross-town rival Brooklyn Dodgers.

How did the Giants upset the Dodgers chance at another run at the World Series? Did the comeback stem from perseverance and tough playing? Or were the rumors of sign stealing on the part of the Giants true? The Giants would do anything to beat the Dodgers and win the hearts of New Yorkers—and the title of Best in the National League. But how far would they go?

For years the players involved in the seasons’ games have told two versions to the story: Some admit to the free use of sign stealing while others deny its existence. But the biggest question remains open: Did the Giants win the National League pennant race on a stolen sign, or did Bobby Thomson hit the winning run with his own amazing natural skills?

In Shot Heard Round the World, Wyatt challenges readers with his fictional interpretation of the events of that memorable season, and he brings again to the forefront the question of how the Giants won the National League pennant race.

As Wyatt challenges readers with his thesis he paints a literary portrait of baseball in what historians consider the sport's Golden Age. It was a simpler era. Players rode the trains, traveling about a league whose western-most point was Kansas City. Strategy was plotted not in the suites of multimillionaires, but on the coach car by players who earned middle-class salaries. From crusty manager Leo Durocher to pioneering Jackie Robinson to overpowering hurler Don Newcombe to the gritty Alvin Dark, Wyatt captures some of the game's finest names in one of baseball's historic moments.


Canadian-born Daniel Wyatt is a self-taught author whose first book, Two Wings and a Prayer, a history book with interviews from World War II Allied Air Force veterans, was published in Canada in 1984. Its sequel, Maximum Effort, was published two years later. Wyatt later switched to historical fiction with his best selling The Last Flight of the Arrow, published in 1990 with Random House of Canada. Since then he has written other historical fiction books dealing with both World War II and baseball. Wyatt has also begun to write screenplays of his own works and has published numerous magazine articles.

Wyatt lives in Burlington, Ontario, where he continues to write, study history and politics, coach baseball, and read avidly.

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