Psychofraud and Ethical Therapy

Psychofraud and Ethical Therapy
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Psychofraud and Ethical Therapy by John David Garcia

The endless series of crises and breakdowns we are experiencing is clear evidence that the social instruments of our time are failing us. Putting our predicament into perspective, John David Garcia brilliantly reveals the subtle, destructive phenomenon of psychofraud and outlines an extraordinary antithesis, ethical therapy.

Psychofraud is defined as "an ideology about human behavior." It includes any method, device, or process which changes our behavior only because of our belief in it and not because of its intrinsic merit. Ethical therapy is the counter to psychofraud. It is based on helping each person see himself in a scientific, evolutionary perspective and to value objective truth above all things. It is based, not on belief, but on doubt.


John David Garcia, the author of Creative Transformation and The Moral Society: A Rational Alternative to Death, earned a B.A. Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and an M.A. in Applied Mathematics and Physics from the University of California at Berkeley. After an early career as an aerospace engineer, he invented computer, communication, and energy systems and started seven computer and engineering firms. He has written over a hundred technical papers and submitted more than a dozen patent disclosures. Garcia was the founder and president of The School of Experimental Ecology located in Eugene, Oregon.

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