From Poverty to Potential

From Poverty to Potential
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From Poverty to Potential by Katrina L. Robinson

Potential \pe-‘ten-chel\ adj

1 existing in possibility, capable of development into actuality

2 something that can develop or become actual

You are in charge of your life. Your success or failure is up to you. You have the power, you have the will, you have the motivation. The only thing you are lacking is a plan. You need help from someone who has lived your life, a detailed guide to help you get from the bottom to the top, From Poverty to Potential!

Author and motivational speaker Katrina L. Robinson has been in your shoes. The mother of two children by the time she was twenty, Ms. Robinson was not expected to finish high school, let alone move forward to obtain a college education. But move forward toward success she did, and she will share with you, in this powerful and inspirational book, how you too can achieve the life you dream of.

From Poverty to Potential details how to become successful and well balanced in relationships, career transitions, financial management, and family. All of these areas of your life overlap and affect on one another, and when one is out of sync it may bring the entire person out of balance. Katrina L. Robinson shows readers, through real-life situations and sage advice, how to overcome the pitfalls that wait ahead of you. Just when you think there may be no hope, From Poverty to Potential lights your path to a brighter future.

Katrina L. Robinson wants to help you start, right now, making better choices for your life. Choices that will contribute to your future, not destroy it. Choices that will add to your career plans, not delay them.

If you have spent the recent past regretting decisions you have made, it’s time to read From Poverty to Potential. Ms. Robinson will help you evaluate your priorities and create some boundaries in your life. This book puts forth practical suggestions for making decisions designed to help you reach your life goals. While all of the scenarios may not fit you personally, you can fit the topic and proposed solutions into your life. It is time to use your willpower and motivation and get the life you always wanted, and From Poverty to Potential can show you how!


Katrina L. Robinson became a mother at the age of seventeen and again at the age of twenty. As a teen parent, she was not expected to complete high school nor obtain a college education. Ms. Robinson went on to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Upon her completion of high school, she began her career as a part-time secretary. After gaining further experience as an accountant and business developer, Ms. Robinson completed a baccalaureate in business administration. With God before her, she established Work-Life Solutions Training and Consulting Services in early 1999. In 2000, she furthered her education and earned a financial literacy certificate.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Ms. Robinson is a member of the Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore and Sarah’s Daughters Ministries for Women.

Since founding Work-Life Solutions, she has been providing training services and motivational lectures to various organizations. She is committed to providing in-depth workshops and materials that equip individuals to exceed beyond personal, social, and economic barriers. From Poverty to Potential allows Ms. Robinson to help individuals beyond the reach of her organization and workshops.

(2005, paperback, 54 pages)

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